Commitment Level

XSV Volleyball offers elite volleyball training for athletes that want to compete at a very high level. For the 2023 season, our training is available starting at 12U through 18U (6th - 12th graders). Athletes that train on our teams are dedicated to mastering their skills and aspire to compete at high levels including college.

Practices start around November and ramp up to 3 times a week starting in January. The regular season finishes in April. Some teams will decide to compete at Nationals finishing in June.

During the regular season, our teams travel all over the Southeast to places like Atlanta, Loiusville, Knoxville and others to compete against high level competition.

For athletes that are not ready to make this level of commitment there are other great clubs in Chattanooga that have less demanding practice and tournament schedules.


For this season, we estimate the club fee to be around $2250 per player.

  • 10 athletes per team*
  • 1-2   3-Day Tournaments
  • 6-8   2-Day Tournaments
  • Uniforms (2 jerseys, 2 spandex, 2 practice shirts, knee pads, socks)
  • 100+ hours of practice
  • Hudl Statistics/Video

* Please note that some clubs have 12 athlete rosters. We believe we can provide higher quality training with 10. This raises the average cost per athlete around $400, but improves the overall training and culture on the team.
* Travel costs are not included.


Our tryouts for the 2023 season will be conducted in the fall. We will broadly announce dates on our social platforms and this web site. Also, you can sign-up for our email list to make sure you get our latest information.

The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate each athlete to determine if she has the skills necessary to make one of our teams. We will be running general, positional and game-like drills to make these evaluations.

When athletes register for tryouts they will designate a primary position (outside hitter, middle hitter, setter, ds/libero). If an athlete wishes to show two skills (e.g. setting and hitting) they need to let the evaluation staff know at the time of tryouts. Athletes will be given a color coded (by position) tee shirt with a number on it to identify them to our staff more easily.

Generally, tryouts for each age group will consist of two sessions on two different days.

At each session of tryouts, there will be an open discussion period with the parents to provide more information and to answer any additional questions they may have. We will also post our required 2023 Season Information Presentation online for you to review at your convenience.

Selected athletes and alternates will be notified via email and posted online as soon as possible once evaluations are complete. Parents/Athletes will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline the offer to join the team. If a selected athlete declines to join the team the first alternate for that position will be giving the opportunity.

XSV strives to provide many opportunities for athletes to participate, unfortunately not every athlete will be afforded an opportunity in a particular year. Athletes who do not make a team should not be discouraged. With hard work and determination, improvements can be made over time. Every year is a new tryout year and all athletes must earn an invitation each season regardless of prior involvement.


Practices typically run in the evenings starting around 6:00 for 2 hours three times a week.

Master Coaching System: XSV is blessed to have several master-level coaches. By leveraging theses coaches knowledge and experience, we are able to ensure every athlete in our gym is receiving high quality training. Our master coaches develop our seasonal and team practices plans ahead of time taking individual, team and club needs into consideration.

Being in volleyball shape is as important as knowing the skills of the game. Strength, conditioning and plyometrics are built into our weekly practice schedule.

At practice, athletes will train on general individual skills, positional skills and team skills. Most practices will progress to game like drills and scrimmages that reinforce the goals of that day's practice plan.

Locations for practices will be announced and initial practice schedules will be posted after tryouts are completed.


While some scrimmages and tournaments are local, most are not. We will travel all over the Southeast to places like Atlanta, Loiusville, Knoxville and others to compete against high level competition.

Parents or a guardian are responsible for getting their athlete to and from the tournament location. Some tournaments will require an overnight stay or two at a hotel close to the tournament site. Travel costs are not included in the Club Fee.

Nationals / Post Season

Attendance Expectations

Practice is mandatory and your attendance is expected. If a player will be missing a practice or tournament, that player must contact the head coach before the scheduled event by TEXT or EMAIL.

Academics are a priority, however, homework should not be an excuse for missing practice.

Our athletes are encouraged to play other sports, however commiting to our teams is a serious endevour and the team's events should be a high priority.

Players who repeatedly miss practice will be subject to reduced playing time at tournaments.

Athlete/Parent/Coach Roles

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers help the club run smoothly and efficiently.

Parent Advisory Committee
Represent your team when needed for club wide decisions and/or bringing problems/issues to the club leadership's attention in a constructive manner.

Team Building
Coordinate meals and team activities that are inclusive and help to build team unity and bonding.

Travel / Carpooling Coordinator
Coordinate carpooling to practices and tournaments as well as working with club on hotel accommodations for your team.

Set up and record our tournament matches so they can be processed by HUDLs statistics service. Create video highlights for social media.

Social Media / Photography
Take pictures and make posts to our social platforms throughout the season.

Parent/Athlete/Coach Development Meetings

Playing Time Philosophy

XSV is a competitive club that provides elite training with the goal of competing at the highest levels. In the practice gym, all athetes will receive the same amount of attention and training.

You are paying for practice time not playing time at tournaments.

At tournaments, our goal is to try and perform at the team's highest potential. Our coaches will play the team in a manner that best gives us that chance while doing their best to balance player development.

Starting athletes that play more significant roles on our teams have earned that right through their past performance (often over a period of years) at practices and tournaments.

If you have concerns about playing time, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Questions about playing time should be addressed between the coach and the athlete before a parent meeting is scheduled.
  2. Wait 24 hours after the conclusion of the event to email the coach and director to set up a meeting.
  3. Athletes will be included in all meetings and on all correspondence regarding playing time.
  4. If a parent approaches a coach at a tournament regarding playing time, the athlete in question will sit for the rest of the day. The club director will address the issue before they are allowed to play in future matches.